Blackened Beef Tenderloin


Tenderloin 2#
Cajun blackening seasoning 1/4C

Yukon Golds:
Yukon gold potato 2#(blanched and sliced)
Olive oil 3T
Garlic cloves 15ea (roasted)
Parsley 1/2 C (chopped)
Salt and pepper to taste

Crawfish Beurre Blanc:
Crawfish tails 1#
White wine 1C
Diced onion 3T
Olive oil 2T
Butter(cut in cubes) as needed
Salt and pepper to taste


Coat tenderloin with seasoning and sear in cast iron skillet on all sides,
Finish in oven until desired preparation style is reached.

For potato coat with oil and pan sear until golden brown, then toss with parsley and garlic.

Saute crawfish tails in olive oil with onion over med heat for 2 min and deglaze with white wine. Reduce heat to simmer and add butter slowly to incorporate, season to taste.

Place potatoes on plate , top with 3-4ozw beef tenderloin and coat with crawfish Beurre Blanc. Enjoy and God bless!