A Blackened Turkey and Waffles


Yield:8/10 waffles
1# left over Turkey (no skin)
2 quarts waffle batter
1/2 cup Blackening seasoning
1 oz butter for blackening

Maple Cranberry syrup
2 cups maple syrup (your brand)
2 tblsp cranberry sauce
3 shakes Louisiana hot sauce

Dressing cakes

1 quart left over dressing
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup Panko


Whisk syrup mix together
Mix waffle mix
Place 1oz butter in skillet and roll turkey meat in seating and fry in skillet, it's already cooked so you need about 45 sec on each side with a smoking skillet.

Take left over dressing
Make 1/2 cup balls, press them out to patties like hamburgers. Place in milk and egg wash then panko. Place in skillet and brown then flip. Salt to taste.