Woman recovering after pit bull attack in Monroe

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MONROE, La, (KNOE) - A woman and her dog are recovering after they were attacked by two pit bulls. Police say it happened around noon on Monday on Bon Aire Drive in Monroe.

The victim says she was leaving her home to go walk her dog and as soon as she opened the door she saw the dogs coming toward them.
She says she tried to rush back in the house, but it was too late. The dogs followed them inside bit her hand and her dog's neck.

"We were just concerned this happened because so many other college kids are usually walking their Yorkies and little dogs all around campus,” said the victim, Landry Wood. “If I wouldn't have been at home, you're just out there. There's nowhere to go. If there was a kid, it's just scary because they were not nice dogs."

Wood suffered two broken bones and six deep flesh wounds.

Police say just before this, the same two dogs attacked someone else's chihuahua down the street.
"...dog suffered injuries that the dog wasn't able to survive," said Executive Officer Reggie Brown.

The dogs ended up getting away, but a day later they were later found.
They say the owner of the pit bulls said the dogs escaped from their fenced yard.

"They were totally unaware that the incident had occurred,” said Brown.
“They were extremely concerned about the incidents and the people that were involved."

Police say the dog owners will face charges.

"They did take some kind of precaution, which they did have a fenced in backyard, but it's always safe to still put them on a leash even when they're outside in the backyard just to prevent this type of thing from happening," said Brown.

Police say the dogs have been caught and the pit bulls have been quarantined.
No word if they'll be put down just yet.