Winter Weather: Round 2

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Many people dealt with busted pipes the first week in January, and it's going to get cold again soon.

We called two local plumbers Thursday and they say after fixing hundreds of busted pipes business is back to normal, but now they're getting ready for round two.

Home Hardware in Monroe says many of the suppliers they get heaters and faucets covers from are out.

With cold temperatures looming this weekend and next week, make sure to leave faucets dripping and wrap pipes with insulation.

Home Hardware says they have some pipe insulators left in stock but are reminding people to come in early before they run out.

Manager Robert Frey says, "We really haven't seen anyone come in looking for pipe wrap or insulation. Most people are probably going to wait until the last minute to come in and get it. We have some, but this is all we're going to have while they last. So, the freeze will be over before we get more in."

The Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness is urging people to make plans now to deal with this round of winter weather.

They recommend checking on neighbors or loved ones, and to keep at least three feet of space between a heating source, and furniture or decor.