Winnsboro: New administration learns some bills went unpaid for about two years

WINNSBORO, La. (KNOE 8 News) - City leaders said during its last city council meeting, they learned they're some unpaid bills that need attention.

"You always want to be good stewards of the money, so the money hasn't been taken or moved, it's just been moved in wrong places," Rex McCarthy, city council member, said.

Some of those bills he said include some back taxes on city employees, though they say some have been paid back.

"We didn't have our previous budget already approved, and we had to do that each year, and we had to do that in July, we didn't want to come in and have to operate 50 percent off of our previous budget, so we had to get an operational budget in place," McCarthy said.

He blames it on mishaps, and the city has gone through a lot of different clerks, which is why he said the city plans to get grants to help out.

We reached out to Mayor John "Sonny" Dumas for more detailed information but was told he'd instead release that during a news conference--saying it's his way of being transparent with the media.

Those who live there said the less they know, the more concerned they get. Most people also worry the bills would fall on them, but McCarthy said they would not.

The biggest concern was fear that the budget would affect their water bills, again.

"At this time right here that's something that would have to be spoken on another date, and I will not comment on that," McCarthy said.

Mccarthy said the town now has new people an administration who are are working to get those things rectified.

The next city council meeting will be on the Aug. 20th.