Winnfield woman speaks out for first time since alleged tasing incident

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ALEXANDRIA, La. (KNOE) - Tanisha White was fighting back tears on Wednesday as she explained what it's like to look in the mirror.

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

"I don't know what I'm going to look like," White said. "I feel ugly. I could hear my father say, 'Look at 'Nish over there with those big old pretty eyes.'"

The Winnfield woman spoke out for the first time since November 5th, the day she says she was wrongfully tased by a Winnfield cop. Now blind in her right eye, she says the past two months have been hell.

"Words can't describe it," White said. "Can't nothing describe being blind."

On Wednesday, Tanisha and her attorneys were on the steps of the federal courthouse in Rapides Parish - demanding answers from police.

"My client sits here today, life altered, without the ability to see out of her right eye," White's attorney Ronald Haley said. "Yet, we know very little as to how this transpired."

White's attorneys have filed a lawsuit against the City of Winnfield and the city's Civil Service Board for not responding to a December public records request, asking for a list of documents about White's case and the department.

A spokesman from the Winnfield Police Department said the department did receive the public records request, but says the group needs to take their concern to Louisiana State Police, because that's the agency handling this investigation.

Meantime, White's attorney says communication must be better.

"The playbook of silence and secrecy has commenced," Haley said.

As her attorneys look to secure justice, White is just looking to secure normalcy.

"My every move is calculated," White said. "I'm scared."

She's scared for what she can and can't see in her future.