Multiple Winnfield families displaced after Wednesday's flash flood

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WINNFIELD, La. (KNOE) - Eighteen families are having to evacuate their apartments in Winnfield after a flash flood Wednesday night. The flooding took place at the Maplewood Apartments on South John Street.

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"It's devastating, some of us don't have no place to go," said resident Delores Holmes.

Affected residents received a letter Friday morning telling them they had 96 hours to move out.

"They didn't give us enough time to get our stuff out and they want us out of here by Monday. It's hard, some of us have to go to work. We couldn't go to work today because we had to move our stuff out," Holmes said.

The property manager, Negeisha Hall says 18 of her units received 12 inches of rain. She says they are having to displace those families, not only to get starting on renovations but, to make sure everyone remains healthy.

"There's a mold and mildew issue and other health issues. So we just need to get them out of the danger zone," Hall said.

She says she has tried reaching out to the mayor but has not been able to speak with him. Hall also says moving and finding a place to sleep is being done at the resident's expense.

"Red Cross came out today and said we got 12 inches, technically 18 inches is what's considered a disaster," she said.

Hall says she is hoping to have renovations complete within the next two months. She also says she is working with Maplewood's sister property and reaching out to neighboring towns for relief.