West Monroe HS student arrested, others praised after handicapped student is shoved

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office arrested a West Monroe High School student on Thursday.

Josh Reinninger was pushed down while at school at West Monroe High.

Linda Reinninger says she received a call from the school telling her that her son, Josh, had been severely pushed down.

"I was perturbed," she said.

Reinninger says her son is physically and mentally disabled. The school's surveillance caught the incident on camera. Josh says he remembers hearing, 'Go, Josh, go,' because, he says, he walks slow.

The school's resource officer responded to the incident. Josh says he was not going to press charges at first, but after looking at the surveillance video, he knew was pushed down on purpose.

"I said yes, we need to press charges because bullying does not need to happen in the school," Reinninger said.

Officers arrested 17-year old Tyrell Booker. Booker told officers he pushed Josh down because he was having a bad day. Reinninger says Booker should not have taken those feelings out on her son.

"My child has died nine times and had 90 surgeries," she said. Reinninger says what upsets her the most though is, "The fact that [Booker] had no remorse. When he was standing there over my child, after he had pushed him over, he was texting on his cell phone."

Reinninger says she and her son do not want to linger on the ugly, but the good.

"One of the football players, I'm unsure of his name," she said. "I've asked if I could meet him and thank him, [he] went to the principal because Josh was too scared."

She says several other students and teachers helped Josh during and after the situation.

"It makes me feel like that I got friends and that I can trust anybody that is around me at school," Josh said.

He says he is still hoping for the best for Booker though and that, "The Good Lord needs to help him through this."

Josh says he cannot thank the students enough who helped him, especially the football player.

"They help each other, and they help other students in the school. It ain't just about their teammates," he said.

Booker is facing a charge of cruelty to the infirmed.