West Monroe church welcomes people back to church with special message

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Mt. Vernon Baptist Church celebrated this year’s Back to Church national movement by taking it one step further. On Sunday, the church invited people to worship with them with a special message for everyone.

Mt. Vernon Baptist Church welcomed people back to worship with them on Sunday. (Source: KNOE)

Pastor Randy Burdeaux says church is more than just a building.

"The church is not just a place to come, but it's a place to belong and also a place where we can serve God," Burdeaux says.

He says is important to invite people back, because sometimes life can get in the way.

"Everyone has needs," Burdeaux says. "Everyone has times of trouble. So for us, today is an opportunity to extend our hands of hope, our hearts of love. We are God's community, and we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to any life, to anyone."

As Mt. Vernon invites others to worship with them, the congregation also started its new Together Campaign. Minister of Administration Rick McPhearson says that's the church's goal.

"That's kind of the whole thing of church is the body of Christ," McPhearson says. "We can do life together. Love each other. Love people in the community, and this is a celebration day of doing that."

Burdeaux says the church's message also needs to be heard throughout the country.

"There's so many divisions of race and ethnicities," Burdeaux says. “I believe that we're all a part of God's creation. That every one of us is special in His eyes. For the old south or across to the east, to the west, to the north, to the south, those divisions are something our world is facing today."

So, his church used Sunday service to remind everyone this country is still one nation under God.

"The church today is that representation of that hope that Christ demolished all the walls of separation," Burdeaux says. "Not only for white, for black, but it's all of us together."

Burdeaux says the church will continue its Together Campaign for the next three weeks.