UPDATE: West Monroe lockdown lifted, students safe, two in custody

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Update: The men arrested have been identified as Matthew Hutson and Theodore Christopher Herr. You can read more about their arrests here.

West Monroe High School was put on lockdown Tuesday morning after two armed people entered the campus without permission, according to West Monroe police.

It happened around 10:30 a.m. and caused a lockdown that lasted for about an hour.

According to police, a teacher in wing three of the school saw two white males, one with a clipboard, the other with a holstered gun on his side. She went back into her room and notified administration, who, in turn, notified West Monroe PD.

Officers were already on campus and, within minutes, they located the two suspects between the VoTech school and another building. The suspects were taken into custody.

Police say both were armed and had holstered weapons.

Police are working to determine why the men were at the school. Police say the men claimed to be with a "fugitive task force" and said they were looking for someone.

Police later said that the men were not actually recovery agents or part of any fugitive task force.

Police believe these two men are the only two involved in this situation.

Regardless, police say the suspects will be charged for their actions, including having a weapon on campus.

Police say they were able to quickly resolve the situation and take the suspects into custody.

Principal Shelby Ainsworth says during the situation, things couldn't have gone better. Ainsworth says staff and students acted just as they should.

Ainsworth says students are safe. Police officers went with administration and checked every classroom to ensure students' safety.

He says half-day seniors have been released. He says parents can pick up their kids at school if they wish to do so, but it is not required.

Otherwise, the school day will continue normally.

Suspect information and charges have been released here.