West Monroe High School Seniors asked opinion on prayer at graduation

Prayer at West Monroe High School
Prayer at West Monroe High School(KNOE)
Published: Mar. 23, 2018 at 9:38 PM CDT
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Some students at West Monroe High School are speaking out after they say they were asked if there should or shouldn't be prayer at graduation this year.

The students were given a slip of paper with two options, one of which they could select. The options were:

*Yes, I would like a student-led prayer at graduation.

*No, I do not want a prayer at graduation.

Carol Brooks said they should have never been given the slip because "It shouldn't really matter because God's everywhere. He's the reason we're here."

Brooks said she does not think the slip is about religion at all. "I think it's just to cover the school," she said.

Brooks thinks the school is covering themselves from a possible lawsuit. A Webster Parish mom is filing suit because of prayer in the classroom, which said was forced upon her daughter. Last year, Christy Cole filed suit against the parish school board saying that prayer and other religious activities, "harm schoolchildren by coercing them into religious practices."

Cole's complaint also says that the parish promotes religion through sports games and pep rallies. She said should not be that way.

Brooks believes otherwise. She said she believes that prayer should be in school and at her senior graduation.