Couples forced to postpone wedding plans amid coronavirus outbreak

RUSTON, La. (KNOE) - Imagine spending months picking out the perfect dress, bouquet, venue and more only to have that special day taken from you due to a worldwide pandemic.

A Ruston couple shares how they have to postpone their wedding due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Source: KNOE)

“It was awful,” said Zoey Hill.

It's a feeling thousands of upcoming brides and grooms are feeling now that large gatherings have been banned across the state and the country.

Zoey and her fiance, Connor Baskin, were set to tie the knot on April 11, but now the future is uncertain.

The couple expects they could be out thousands of dollars at this point, but places like the Norton Building where they booked their wedding, are doing their best to accommodate.

As for a possible reschedule date – the two are unsure.

“I’m terrified to reschedule an actual date just to cancel and reschedule again,” said Hill.

The two even considered having the wedding anyway but knew that was too much of a risk.

“At the same time I still want to make sure all of our family and friends are safe, and I really need to not be selfish think less about us and more about our family and friends and the safety of them,” said Hill.

If the outbreak is contained over the next few months, the couple hopes to have their wedding rescheduled around the summer.