Water is running in Grambling, but not enough to get through the night

Published: Nov. 16, 2018 at 10:18 PM CST
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People in Grambling are getting their hands on water bottles. It's the most water some of them have seen since early this week after city leaders say someone hit a water hydrant Wednesday causing a water leak.

Around noon Friday, Mayor Edward Jones told people the city had enough water to supply all those who live here, but officials were having a hard time finding out where the water is going.

That was until later Friday night. State officials found an underground leak in a water pipe. It took two days to find the problem. And, like the water, some residents were running low on patience.

"We were going to go to the hotel to stay, but that's costly, too. So, I just went to a relative's house in Ruston, bathed, and came on home," said one resident.

Jones said he hears all concerns.

"We want you to know we understand your frustrations. We understand. We will stay up 25 hours a day to accommodate our citizens," said Mayor Jones.

Which is why city leaders, homeland security and Super One are helping out by giving away three water bottles to each person.

Lincoln Parish Fire Department is also helping by letting people fill up buckets of non-drinking water to flush their toilets or to wash things off.

City leaders said they expect water to be back running Saturday morning.

GSU leaders said two dorms were affected. Students are also being given water bottles and food. They also have access to other buildings on campus to take care of necessities.