Waitr donating meals to families in need for Thanksgiving

Published: Nov. 21, 2018 at 11:17 AM CST
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A food delivery service is sharing Thanksgiving with people in need.

Waitr is delivering meals to families across Monroe, but these meals weren't ordered on the app: They were donated.

"It usually runs for about a month before Thanksgiving. People, when they're ordering food, have the option to donate whatever they like," explains Waitr city manager Eric Gilbeau.

About 50 families were nominated to receive meals by the United Way and Children's Coalition, like Nichole Johnson, who says these meals mean a lot coming during tough times.

"It’s a lifesaver,” she says. “We just moved into this neighborhood. By me moving here there was a lot of pressure on the groceries and stuff like that because I had to use most of my money getting things transferred.”

Many people receiving meals, like Johnson, have young kids who were excited about the fresh food delivered straight to their doors.

"I got a bag of stuff!" one child exclaimed.

"Especially the kids. Kids are always very excited to see someone show up at the door with food in their hands for them," says Gilbeau.

Drivers like Gilbeau are just as excited as the kids to be sharing meals this holiday season.

"It’s amazing because some people are a little less fortunate than others so it's good to give back to the community," he says.

"It's a blessing to have them deliver meals," says Johnson.