Voting procedure reminders

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Published: Nov. 6, 2018 at 10:42 AM CST
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Voters are heading to the polls on November 6 for the 2018 Midterm Elections.

The Ouachita Parish Clerk of Court, Louise Bond, is reminding people of the voting procedure.

She says people should have a photo ID ready, like a state identification card or a driver's license. She also says people should turn off their cell phones or leave them in the car.

Voters will have a three-minute time limit inside the booths. Bond says you can save time by knowing what is on the ballot ahead of time. She also says voters are able to take "cheat sheets" inside the booths to save time. You can print off a sample ballot based on where you live at the


Bond says preparing will help ease the process.

"Just be patient with us in case there is a line. We will get to everybody as soon as we can," Bond says. "I feel like with early voting we had a good turnout so I kind of feel like we'll do that with our voting today."

Bond also wants voters to know that lockouts may restrict which races voters can participate in. These lockouts are based on where you live. She says if anything on the ballot is not what you expected, you should ask a commissioner BEFORE you submit your ballot.

"It's very very important. Don't leave that voting machine then call and say 'I think I should have been able to vote for somebody' because once you leave, it's over with and we can't do anything," she explains. "That way everybody is satisfied when they leave the polls."