Voter turnout in Ouachita Parish

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Many people came out to vote today in Ouachita Parish. "I always vote, I think it's important,” says Lisa Longenbaugh. Joseph Anderson says it’s about making sure his voice is heard, “because without the right leaders we would probably fail."

At Precinct 60 at the Saul Adler Community Center, they say almost 500 people have voted as of 5 p.m on Election Day. Precinct 60 Commissioner Michael Braham says there were people in line before the polls opened. "We had twenty people in the first ten minutes,” says Braham, “I don't know if it's higher than it was four years ago in the last midterm election but it's certainly been steady today." Longenbaugh says she went early in the morning to avoid the crowds, “It seems pretty steady, I think I was um anticipating like a long line or something, but there wasn't that."

At Precinct 67, officials say they’ve had 80 voters show up by this afternoon and expect to see more as the night goes on. “I suspect by 5 p.m. that's when many people are getting off of work that from five to eight we're going to see just as many or more,” says Etheldra Sharp, Commissioner for Precinct 67.

According to the Registrar of Voters, 11,259 voted early, and they say that’s much higher than usual. "I've heard that the early voting was very good I know when I went to vote, the lines were out the door,” says Sharp. She says they’ve already had early voters in Precinct 67. “We've seen a few in our registrar book where the initials are already there, and they have registered, and yea I think that a lot of people are happy that they early voted because they don't have to rush especially if they worked today."