Volunteers hand out Thanksgiving meals at Community Soup Kitchen

Volunteers handed out Thanksgiving meals at the Monroe Community Soup Kitchen on Thursday. Source: (KNOE)
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) Volunteers handed out Thanksgiving meals on Thursday at the Monroe Community Soup Kitchen.

According to staff, the meals came from the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in West Monroe.

Destiny Carson said she wouldn't be able to see her family on Thanksgiving day, so she wanted to volunteer to help out other families.

She said other soup kitchens had a waitlist, but she felt like she needed to find a place where she could help out.

"We felt like we needed to be there right now, right in the community, so we can be there as soon as possible," she said.

Keisha Washington, the volunteer secretary at the kitchen, said volunteering gives her the opportunity to share her faith with those who may not otherwise hear it.

"When you can have even just one conversation, 'you know, I used to come just for the food, but now I come for the word.' It just makes my heart just turn flips, it just makes my heart turn flips," she said.

Larry Ellis, Community Soup Kitchen Vice President, said he loved having the chance to help others out.

"Being here, doing something for someone else, I get a pleasure out of that, you know, helping people," he said. "You never know, you might fall off the rock yourself and you may need some help. What goes around comes around."

Ellis said the kitchen is always accepting support either in the form of volunteering or donations.