Vigil held for Monroe woman police believe was killed by her boyfriend

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - It didn't matter what you called her. TeQuita, Shay, Babygirl, or even the sweet employee from Target in Monroe.

They're all different names, but people who knew TeQuita Browhow described her the same way.

"Her hugs matched her love," Sheronda Browhow, her aunt, said.

Which is why knowing her boyfriend is accused of killing her is hard to understand.

Police said Larry Shell is charged with Second Degree Murder and Aggravated Second Degree Battery after they say he beat Lawrence Farmer with a knife on Desiard Street Monday.

Police then found Browhow, dead in their apartment with stab wounds to her neck. Though he told police that it was Farmer who killed her, and he said, he stayed in the apartment with her dead body three days without calling the police.

Now her family is just trying to remember the light that she brought to their lives.

"Quita was a very special person and the whole team we will all miss her," a co-worker said.

It's a light that shines even through this dark reality.

"This world is full of awful humans; they aren't trying to be better. She never-- she's been like that since she was a little girl. She never let it change her," Sheronda Browhow said.

The family still has so many unanswered questions like what were the circumstances of her death. They said they might not ever know what really happened, but there's one thing they do know.

"If there is anyone out there - male or female - being silent is not the way to go," Sheronda Browhow said.

And they'll always know the girl behind the name.

The family is still working on funeral arrangements but said it would be open to the public so everyone can say their final goodbyes.