Video uproar: Student slammed to ground at school, detained

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This article has been updated with video and information on the status of the investigation.

BRUSLY, La. (AP) - Protesters are calling for accountability after a videotaped altercation showed a police officer twice slamming a 14-year-old male student to the ground at a central Louisiana middle school.

Local media report that members of the community of Brusly marched Monday to a Town Hall meeting to demand more facts. Marcher Shaeeta Williams told the council that people are "disturbed and upset" by the video.

"I was angry, hurt, confused and just words really can't describe the feeling. Everyone has their opinions but from what I saw it was not the necessary and the proper techniques that you would take in dealing with an individual," Williams said.

The controversy stems from the student's detention in October at Brusly Middle School, an incident captured on a school surveillance camera and sent anonymously to local television station WAFB. The video shows the officer wrestling with a young male student before slamming him down.

Speaking before the council, Williams represents a growing group in the community she says is desperate for answers and focused on getting to the bottom of how a trip to the front office spiraled into chaos.

"I think that's the most important thing is that we understand what are the facts and what was the process that led up to that," Williams said.

Brusly Police Chief Jonathan Lefeaux asked state police to investigate. The two officers seen in the video have resigned.

Louisiana State Police has wrapped up its investigation into what happened turning over its findings to the West Baton Rouge District Attorney's office. The case will now head before a grand jury to determine whether either of the officers involved will face criminal charges. The grand jury is expected to hear this case pretty quickly. It could go before jurors as early as December 13th.

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