Video catches apparent drag race on Spencer Avenue

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Parents of Lexington Elementary School students are on edge after video surfaces of an apparent drag race on Spencer Avenue Tuesday afternoon.

Courtesy: Ethan Landry

"I mean it's scary," one parent said. "They're obviously not very respectful and pretty reckless."

"That's a prime example of us not being able to see outside ourselves, and we're going to get somebody killed like that," another parent said.

The video shows two cars, one of them a pickup truck, the other driving in the wrong lane, on either side of Spencer Avenue. A viewer sent the video to KNOE around 2:45 p.m., saying he had just shot it. Tuesday. School lets out at 3 p.m.

"There's kids right here," one parent said. "There's houses right there. You just don't want that kind of stuff going on around children, period. And look at the yards [they are] right on the streets."

The yards are also often filled with kids.

"Both of them were speeding, and it's really dangerous," one child who lives on Spencer Avenue said. "Because if you're speeding too much, you can lose control and crash into a house."

Monroe Police officials say they also saw the video and found the drivers less than 24 hours later. They say because the drivers are juveniles, they called and notified their parents, and are deciding whether or not to ticket them.

Parents tell KNOE while they've never seen drag racing before, they say speeding is a big problem on Spencer Avenue. They say police need to do whatever they can to make sure kids stay safe.

"It makes me really nervous that, I mean, any kid can be walking across the street, walking down the street, getting off the school bus," one parent said.