Veterinarian accused of shooting, killing dog for barking too much

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JEFFERSON PARISH, La. (WDSU) - Investigators say a 15-month-old dog is dead after being shot by a veterinarian.

Kelly Folse is facing aggravated cruelty to animals, illegal discharge of a firearm, and drug-related charges.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office said for months Folse sent hostile text messages to the dog's owner complaining of barking. The animal was found wounded in its backyard on Wednesday, December 13th and taken to a veterinary hospital, coincidentally Folse's place of employment at the time.

Veterinarian Dr. Scott Abadie described the injury, "Entrance wound was right in the back of his head exit wound was right through the eye." Dr. Abadie continued, "Realistically I've probably gotten about 15 hours of sleep over the last five nights that dog the bullet wound vision of his face comes back to me constantly."

Abdie says Folse stated as a volunteer when she was 14 years old and seven years ago she became a veterinarian.