Valentine's Day Dish: Chocolate-covered Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries. <br />Source: (KNOE)
Chocolate Covered Strawberries. <br />Source: (KNOE)(KNOE)
Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 7:54 AM CST
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Happy Valentine’s Day to all couples, singles and chocolate-covered strawberries lovers out there.

On Friday morning, Nutritionist Jen Avis joined us to discuss some of the benefits chocolate-covered strawberries have for the heart.

This decorative and inexpensive dish can be done in less than five minutes. All folks will need is about a half a dozen strawberries, a cup of melted chocolate chips and a garnish of their choice.

Avis says that larger strawberries have about 60 calories apiece. Compared to other desserts, that's not a big impact on a diet.

Avis adds that the strawberries have a low glycemic index, meaning they raise blood sugars very slowly. She points out that dark chocolate adds a great benefit as well, preventing the oxygenation of LDL cholesterol and lessening the chances of heart attacks.

Jen advises not to eat pounds of chocolate and keep consumption to a reasonable amount.

Here's your simple Valentine's recipe for chocolate strawberries from Jen Avis:

1 C. Dark or Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

1 tsp. oil or butter

Parchment paper or nonstick cookie sheet

Be careful during preparation to make sure the container is completely dry. Any moisture will cause the chocolate to get grainy.

measure out chocolate and put the chips in a cup with enough room to melt. Place measuring cup into the microwave, set the timer for one minute and the power at 70%. Heating the chocolate on a lower power will also help prevent the chocolate from burning. Microwave one minute and stir. If the chocolate isn't melted, microwave for 15-second increments until chocolate is smooth.

Be sure the strawberries are wiped dry. Dip the strawberries into the chocolate and place them on parchment paper or a nonstick cookie sheet.

While the chocolate is still warm, they can be rolled in finely chopped nuts or coconut.

Enjoy your Valentine's treat!

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