VIDEO: Mass shootings are changing the way schools stay safe

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CLINTON, Miss. (WLBT) - #GenerationLockdown is a buzzing hashtag on social media that started after a public service announcement was released showing a child teaching adults how she was taught to stay safe in the event of an active shooting.

Though it is a commercial, the message isn't too far from the truth.

“We’ve always had fire drills, and weather drills, tornado drills, and now we have lockdown drills,” said Dr. Tim Martin. Martin is the superintendent of Clinton Public Schools; an educator for almost 30 years.

“Years ago, when I started teaching, that was not in my teaching experience when I first got into education. But now, teachers getting in, they receive that type of training,” said Martin.

He went on to say, “Today, unfortunately, children have to grow up much quicker than we did, so their sense of childhood sometimes is interrupted because of these types of events.”

With the changing times, Martin said that school safety plans have to change too.

“We have crisis plans at each one of our schools. At the beginning of the year, principals -- as far as their professional development -- go over those with teachers,” said Martin.

The plan is exercised with all grade levels, but the concern extends to others too. Mississippi College students said Monday’s shooting at the University of North Carolina makes them more alert.

“It makes you more aware of your surroundings to think about what you have to think about, like, for precautions, because it could happen here even if you don’t want to think about that,” said Thomas Bryant, a senior.

Overall, the college students do feel safe on campus.

“Certain places you have to have your key card to enter, like the library and the dorm, certain buildings after a certain time. That keeps me safe,” said Fanta Kamara, a senior.

However, they are still wary of “what if?”

“You kind of get shook up and lose your sense of security," said Bryant.

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