Families clean up after severe storm rips through Union Parish

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UNION PARISH, La. (KNOE) - High winds and heavy rains left fallen trees and downed wires across Union Parish early Saturday morning. Many families started the cleaning process afterwards.

(Source: KNOE)

"It was around 2, 2:30, the rain started, and lightning started,” Shawana Loyd says. “I got up, and by the time I hit the floor, I heard the twirl of the tornado,"

Loyd remembers when the storm passed over her home. "We all got on the floor, and my mom was hollering, ‘Get down! Get down!’ So we all got down on the floor. By the time it went over, we went in the bathroom and sat down for about 20 minutes or so. But, it was scary."

Once the storm passed, Loyd and her family were able to take a look at the damage that had been left behind. "A lot of damage to the roof. We have several leaks in the house that's got to be fixed," Loyd says. "So, we're going to have to fix those leaks in the house, plus broken windows, damaged vehicles."

Family members and friends and even some others in the community got to work immediately to make some temporary fixes. Some laid tarp on the roof, and others cleared the yard of fallen trees and other debris that either hit the house or nearly missed.

Others also covered all the broken windows too.

Union Parish police juror Dewayne Ramsey says he had to help his fellow neighbor. "If it happens to me, I'd like for someone to help me,” Ramsey says. “So, it's just one of the things where you return the favor when it happens to somebody else. And as brothers in Christ, that's what we're supposed to do. That's right. We're neighbors."

Loyd says she’s thankful no lives were lost and that it’s great to have family and neighbors willing to help clean everything up. "It's a blessing to have help, to have friends and relatives, people like that to come help,” Loyd says. “It's a true blessing."