Union Parish Police jury told to clean up the trash

UNION PARISH, La (KNOE) - An ongoing issue isn't going to be solved by one conversation, but the Union Parish Police Jury is hoping it's a step forward at Monday night's meeting.

"These first sites are major safety issues," Jerry Taylor, UPPJ president, said.

It's working on a five-year plan to get dumpsters off the highway and from blocking roadways, which is why The Department of Transportation and Development got involved.

This has been an issue for some time now, only this time DOTD is requesting these collection sites be moved and cleaned up.
People here say it's about time.

"I do understand that can be a problem because we're trying to keep our town clean, and when we throw hazardous stuff out and they don't pick it up on time--it stays out there for awhile," Patsy Andrews, a resident, said.

The jury said time could be an issue, which is why it's asking DOTD for five years to move 15 sites.
DOTD said it's willing to work with the parish and give them the time they need.
Right now, the parish is working on moving five of those dump sites.
But, residents worry moving these sites will dump more issues on the parish.

"I think it's good like it is now. It gets trashy sometimes, but it's going to be trashier than that if they move it. People are just going to throw it out rather than go off the road," Don Hodge, a resident, said.

The parish is also having to figure out where to move them, which has been a problem in the past. Then, once they find a location, each site needs a permit.

The parish is asking everyone to be patient.
The parish says if anyone is interested in selling or donating the property to let them know.