US Surgeon General: "It's going to get bad"

(CNN) - The nation's top doctor says the March 23 week is going to get bad when it comes to the coronavirus.

(Source: CNN Newsource)

US Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams emphasizes the need for the public to stay at home in a sober warning about the novel coronavirus pandemic.

"I want America to understand, this week, it's going to get bad," he said during an interview Monday on The Today Show. "We really need to come together as a nation. I heard the story that you were just playing. Young people out on beaches. We see here in DC, the District set up a cam for people to watch the cherry blossoms. You look on the cam, you see more people than you see cherry blossoms and this is how the spread is occurring."

"I think there are a lot of people who are doing the right things, but we are finding out that unfortunately a lot of people think that this can't happen to them," he said.

"When you look at what's going on in New York, and we said this at the beginning of our '15 Days to Stop the Spread' initiative, the numbers you see reflect what happened two weeks ago. We don't want Dallas, or New Orleans, or Chicago, to turn into the next New York. That means everyone needs to be taking the right steps right now and that means stay at home," he said.

He says everyone needs to act as if they have the virus right now. He says you could be spreading it or giving to someone else without even knowing it. He again urges everyone to stay at home.