UPDATE: ULM still moving forward with possible medical program

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MONROE, LA Robyn Keoehavong said she's wanted to go to medical school her entire life.
And she will, after she graduates with a medical laboratory degree at The University of Louisiana at Monroe.

But that means she'd have to leave. But, she doesn't want to.

"It's kind of hard to go to a four year school and then you have the pressure of applying to another school. Right now i have the security of staying right here in my professional program," Keoehavong said.

But, she might be able to stay.

Tuesday ULM's president, Nick Bruno, signed a non-binding agreement with another university to bring a private college of osteopathic medicine to the Monroe campus.

"To have a medical school provides students additional opportunities," Bruno said.

Physicians in this field take a full body approach in healing patients. While MD's focus more on specific human diseases to reach a diagnoses.

Students in the new program would get exposure to both MD and osteopathic fields of medicine.

Bruno says students aren't the only benefactors.

"The big winner is the region and the community. The economic impact that the school locating here on this region is significant," Bruno said.

The program will bring in more than 400 students,and more than 100 jobs.

Bruno says ULM and the private institute are still working out a lot of details like tuition and location.

"There's no facility that currently exist that can meet their needs," he said.

Bruno said ULM is giving the private institution options on where it can house the program. Bruno said that includes a building near its off-main campus Pharmacy building.

"Questions come up everyday because this is new for us so we're learning as we go and fortunately we're fast learners and we're getting where we need to be," he said.

Keoehavong said she hopes it doesn't take too long.

According to Bruno, the program will start enrolling students in the fall of 2019.

No word yet on what school ULM is partnering with.