ULM water ski team receives national championship rings, new boat

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - The ULM water ski team received its 2018 national championship rings on Monday. It's the 29th championship for the team.

The ULM water ski team takes pictures with its new boat. (Source: KNOE)

The team also received a brand new MasterCraft boat as well. The university partnered with B&L Marine to get the boat for the team. Officials say the boat is top-of-the-line and the first of its class.

B&L Marine owner Nick McDonald says it was an easy decision to help the team. "When we picked up the Mastercraft line, it was a super easy fit,” McDonald says. “There are so many guys up at Mastercraft that are ULM graduates, and that really made this thing work out. So, it was just too easy to turn down."

Emma Brunel is a senior on the water ski team. She says it’s great to finally be able to ring and the new boat, but it’s the work that gives them their meaning. "It just embodies all of the work that we've put in for two years and even the years before when we started,” Brunel says.

“Most of us started when we were three or four years old. So, it just embodies that all."

The team will compete for its 30th national championship starting October 10.