ULM students unphased by third debate

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News
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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - ULM students gathered Wednesday night to watch the third and final presidential debate, and the mood at Walker Hall was a lot more loose than it was for the first debate, especially after the first half hour.

But, for that first half hour as the candidates debated mostly policy, students were listening intently, writing down notes, and looking for one policy difference that may swing their vote. But, as the debate turned from policy to insults, notes turned to laughs, as a clear sign that this group of students had made up their minds.

"Yes, my mind is definitely made up," Jorden Johnson said. "In the beginning, I had already had an idea of who I wanted, and as the election has gone on, things have come out that have only swayed me more to the decision that I already had."

Other students echoed her sentiments.

"My mind has been made up since July which in my mind is kind of depressing," Elliot Gonzalez said. "The fact that there hasn't been any shift in my mind with three whole debates at all. I think that neither candidate has done a very solid job of swaying one side or the other."

Election day is November 8th.