ULM kicking off PREP days for freshmen

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Hundreds of incoming freshmen kicked off the first day of "PREP" at ULM on Wednesday as it helps the students and the school get ready for their first year together.

It's a two-day experience for former high school seniors to help them figure out how to be today's college freshmen.

Ahmaad Solomone is the assistant director of student experience campus and says there's a lot they cover over the course of 2 days.

"We cover everything from the registrar's office to financial aid to housing and residential life so they get a wide variety of things," said Solomone.

He also says there's more to it than that. It's about learning ULM's traditions, it's a chance for students to make a schedule for the fall, and for them get acquainted with campus life.

"This is going to be their home for the next 4 years, so you definitely want to get comfortable with the atmosphere you're going to be in," Solomone said.

During this visit to campus, organizers want incoming freshman to take full advantage of everything ULM has to offer.

"One of the cool things to do is to take them up to the 7th floor of the library and kind of let them see how the campus splits in half."

ULM's Social Media manager, Joey McNamara, says ULM enrollment numbers are growing each year which is a reflection of the commitment they have to their community.

"You know we try to give back with projects like the D.O. school and stuff like that. It not only bring jobs, but it brings prestige, and you know, highlights a community that is all dear to our hearts," said McNamara

Hey also says for some students coming to PREP, this is their first time ever on campus.

"We have students from, I believe, 40 different states and 60 different countries, and our reach is expanding across South Louisiana."

ULM's enrollment has topped more than 9,000 students for the past two years, and they expect to grow even more in coming years.