Two deadly shootings in Tallulah have the community talking crime

TALLULAH, La (KNOE) - Tuesday night wasn't like an ordinary church service at First Colored Baptist Church in Tallulah.

"I really don't want to go outside by myself. I don't feel comfortable. You feel unsafe at times," 16-year-old Adriana Fountain said.

Fountain said she hopes the meeting is a wake up call to leaders to save her peers.

"We've been waiting on this for a long time because waiting for someone to speak up for us so we can get what we need and so we can come together and be a better city as a whole," Fountain said.

Folks said they're tired of the crime. They're tired of seeing young people losing their lives to violence.

So, they're getting together to figure out how to fight back. And, they're doing it with city and community leaders, pastors and their primary target audience which is the younger generation.

All this comes after 27-year old Marcus Oliver and 24-year-old Cameron Cammack were shot and killed in the same week.

Cammack's father, who went to the meeting, said both shootings could've been prevented.

"And, it hurts real bad to lose a son at an early age because he had so much to learn about society and being a young man," Carl Cammack, Cameron's father said.

Everyone in the room agrees, which is why they're looking for answers to stop it.

The younger ones came with answers suggesting more jobs and summer programs be available.

They said it was time their voices be heard.

"The children are our future, and without them, it's going to be tough," Cammack said.

And, the adults said they're listening and taking notes.

Job and summer program opportunities were a huge takeaway for some Tuesday tonight.

Below are some opportunities that were mentioned during the meeting:

Who: Madison Parish Port Commission
What: Offering free summer programs, possible jobs
Contact Person: Isaiah Ross
(318) 341-3501

Who: Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge
What: Offering summer jobs for youth
Contact Person: Shirley 'Tina' Whitney

Who: Madison Parish Police Jury
What: Offering summer youth jobs
Contact Person: Johnny Hughes