Two Bloggers Travel Through America on a School Bus

Monroe, La (KNOE 8 News) - Wouldn't it be nice to wake up for work and just hit the road and travel instead?

Two guys are doing that. Hiking and Climbing mountains, and they stopped in Monroe.

"We wanted to go on a road trip, we were just finishing up with school and we weren't set on getting a job right away and wanted to take some time to travel."

And they're doing a school bus.

"If we're buying a bus it's going to be part of the adventure."

For Tyler Weller and Louis Deangelis the question wasn't why... it was why not.

"Hiking, Biking, Rock Climbing. you name it. There's always something you can be doing outside."

They're trek hasn't been easy...

"We don't eat out often, we eat a lot of rice and beans."

But with a school bus and a little money they decided to live out their dreams.

Their journey has taken them through the Appalachian trail... the Ozarks and right here in northeast Louisiana.

"We didn't know what a Bayou was for example, and now we know the answer to that question. There's A lot of cool culture and buildings and stuff like that."

The quarters are close... the showers are few and far between.. but for them the message on what they're doing is much bigger.

"My main goal is to inspire people and make other people feel passionate."

"You put hard work into almost anything you do it'll take you somewhere in life."

a little creativity and a little passion goes a very long way.