Trump heads to Europe at a time of remembrance, turmoil

Real estate mogul Franklin Haney contributed $1 million to President Donald Trump's inaugural committee and all he's got to show for the money is the glare of a federal investigation./ Source: MGN
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WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump is heading back to Europe, where his previous visits have strained historic friendships and insulted his hosts.

This time, he faces an ally in turmoil, Britain, and a global call to renew democratic pacts.

The agenda for Trump's weeklong trip is both ceremonial and official: a state visit and an audience with Queen Elizabeth II in London, D-Day commemoration ceremonies on both sides of the English Channel and his first presidential visit to Ireland, with a stay at his coastal golf club.

Trump will arrive at a precarious moment, as he faces a fresh round of impeachment fervor back home and uncertainty on the other side of the Atlantic.

Trump is to leave Washington on Sunday and arrive in London on Monday morning for a two-day stay.