Trial date set for men in "viral" animal abuse case

Courtesy: MPSO
Courtesy: MPSO(KNOE)
Published: Dec. 5, 2016 at 12:33 PM CST
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UPDATE: (12/5/2016 at 6:00 pm)

"It took them four times five times cutting into that dog's neck while laughing those people are a danger to society," says Jill Jensen.

In August a video posted on social media allegedly showed Steven Sadler and Boots Stanley cutting a dog's throat.

Several animal activists and now even dogs are showing up to the men's court hearings to make sure justice is served for the dog who's become know by the name "Justice."

"Looking at animal cruelty my whole life I've been an animal rescuer and I've seen a lot of things and this case was particularly disturbing because of the way these individuals seemed to have no empathy or compassion," says Jensen.

She traveled six hours on Monday while others like Bo Spartaro, drove over from Bossier City, bringing the dog he rescued from an abuser.

"Braveheart was an abused puppy someone locked him in a storage building he was found right before he died and we were able to catch the guy and was charged and went through the court system and got a guilty verdict," says Spartaro.

He says that's exactly what they are hoping the two get in this case.

"It was just outrageous and if they are going to do that and not only do it but post it to social media and think that's okay I just I don't know they are monsters," says Spartaro.

Stanley and Sadlers\ dog days in court are far from over with another hearing in April and their trial set for June 12th.

The activists say they aren't giving up and will continue to follow this case until justice is served for all, including man's best friend "Justice".



The two men accused of slitting a dog's throat in a video that went viral were back in court Monday.

Steven Sadler and Boots Stanley both face cruelty to animal charges in Morehouse Parish.

Their Monday hearing was continued to April 4, 2017. And, the judge set a trial date for June 12, 2017.

Besides aggravated cruelty to an animal charges, Boots and Stanley also face conspiracy charges. Both charges are felonies.

If convicted, they could face up to 10 years of incarceration and fines up to $30,000.