Tree falls on home in West Monroe, nearly hitting woman inside

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WEST MONROE, La, (KNOE) - A West Monroe family is counting their blessings after a tree fell on their home Saturday morning.

"It kind of caught us off guard," said Tommy Lawson.

Lawson says he was on his way to the Mercedes Benz Superdome to watch West Monroe High School's game when he got the call that a tree had fallen on his home on Dopson Place.

"The whole tree collapsed inside the house and its total devastation at that point," Lawson said.

His wife, Sandra, was sitting right where the tree fell. Luckily, a part of the roof caved in and protected her from being hit.

"They were able to get her out of the house and get her to safety," Lawson said.

The Lawsons say a friend called Cajun Tree Cutters around 11 o'clock Saturday morning.

"We had no clue it was as bad as it is,” said Troy Cage, Owner of Cajun Tree Cutters. “We came over here and looked at it and it's pretty bad."

Cage says wind and heavy rain caused the tree to uproot and completely topple the Lawsons' home.

"The tree was perfectly healthy,” Cage said. 'It's just the ground saturated and from what the homeowner said the wind had turned out of the east and started blowing and when it did and the tree fell."

Cage says before rain events like Saturday's, it's good to have your trees checked.

"You need to get an arborist from a local tree service to come out, look at your trees and assess them,” said Lawson. “And try to determine what's safe and what's not and the likelihood of a tree falling over your home like this is. Because they can kill you."

Lawson says this may have been a close call, but he's lucky he can still hug his family.

"God had his hand on her a lot. He had his hand on her very much," said Lawson.