Tree falls inches away from a sleeping teenager

MONROE, La. (KNOE) - One Monroe family is counting their blessings after Sunday morning's storm. A fallen tree put a teenager just inches away from serious injuries.

At 6:00 am, the last thing Morgan Herring expected to hear were his daughter's screams.

"I couldn't really tell that anything had happened until we turned on the light and saw that she had insulation and different parts of the ceiling in her hair," he said.

When he went into her room, he saw tree limbs inches from her bed.

The ceiling was completely destroyed.

"The first thing that came to my mind was thank god she's okay," he said.

From there, Herring called Troy Cage, an expert with tree removal, who said his goal was to get the tree out as quick as possible to prevent the house from taking water damage.

Water damage is something Herring knows too well. He says he just finished remodeling the house after it was damaged by last year's flood.

Cage says this is something the family couldn’t have prepared for. He says the tree looked healthy from the outside, but the inside was hollow.

Cage says this is a warning for any family with a big tree in their yard.

"If you have large trees that are close enough to your home that could fall on them, get them looked at," Cage said. "There's a way we can inspect them and give you an idea of it’s a safe tree or a hazard tree."

He says it could save your life.

"It’s worth doing it because, you know life, you can't replace it," Cage said.

After Sunday's storm, Herring is hugging his daughter just a little tighter.