Trash piling up for a Monroe community

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A Monroe community is demanding change after neighbors say trash has been piling up on their street. Now, they're demanding the city clean it up.

Retha Sutton has lived on Filhiol Avenue for twenty years and says the trash piles haven't been this bad before. “We walk out our door and have to see this, have to smell this, and see all the rodents that are coming out of it,” says Sutton.

Neighbors say the same piles of limbs and trash have been along the roadway for weeks. “When I first moved here, they picked it up faithfully every week, in the last week I mean for the last year, they just pile up, and you have to call and complain, complain, complain. You might get it picked up and you might not."

The city says when they get complaints or see large piles of trash, they'll give notice to the property owner. The property owners will have one week to clean it up, or they will get the bill for the cleanup. “The city will notify the property owner that they have an oversized load on their property, they can either clean it up, or we will clean it up at their expense,” says Gregg Smith with Keep Monroe Beautiful. He says many people might be confused as to what they can put on their curb after the city implemented new rules for what they will and will not pick up.

“It's been an ongoing process throughout the years, and that's why we finally put our foot down as it relates to piles like this and it's going to take time to catch one time you may remember our trash pickup was behind three-four weeks,” says Smith.

Anita Adams says she's called everyone but isn't getting anywhere. “I've called the city of Monroe about three or four weeks straight. They told me I had to call the code enforcer, so I called the code enforcer,” says Adams. “It’s very frustrating because it makes the whole street look trashy. I try to take pride in my place you know and these other people they just don't pick it up."

Neighbors are just asking people to clean up their mess and keep their neighborhood beautiful. The city says if there's a trash pile on your street, give them a call so they can give the property owners a notice.