Transgender woman Muhlaysia Booker found dead in East Dallas

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DALLAS (KTVT) - Police in Texas say a transgender woman who survived a group attack a month ago, an attack that went viral on social media, was found dead over the weekend.

Transgender woman Muhlaysia Booker, who was at the center of a viral video where she was beaten near an apartment complex, was found fatally shot in east Dallas early Saturday morning, police confirmed. (Source: CNN/KTVT)

She became a victim of mob violence and video proof of people urging that violence on.

Muhlaysia Booker received nationwide attention in April after her recorded attack by a group of men.

"This time it was me, the next time it could be someone else close to you," Muhlaysia Booker said publically after the attack.

Booker faced that attack after a car accident and argument escalated outside a Dallas apartment complex.

Dallas police say officers responded to an isolated east Dallas street Saturday morning on reports of gunshots.

Booker was shot at least once.

After the attack in April, police arrested 29-year-old Edward Thomas, who was identified in the video.

He is out of jail, and police say there's nothing so far to connect him to Booker's murder.

Those who protested against booker's beating in April called her killing an act of injustice.

"It's as if Muhlaysia Booker never had a chance," an activist said.

Leaders from the south Dallas LGBTQ advocacy group Abounding Prosperity called Booker's murder heartbreaking.

As of Sunday, Dallas police have not categorized Booker's murder as a hate crime.