There were 5 mass shootings in the U.S. over the weekend

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(KNOE) - There have been five mass shootings in the United States from Friday, Feb. 15. through Feb. 17. As a result of these shootings, 11 victims were killed and 18 other victims were injured. In three cases, the suspect also died.

For a mass shooting, we are using the common definition of four people shot in one incident, not including the suspect. It should be noted that there are no exact criteria for a mass shooting, but this fits the widely accepted definitions. (Some trackers use three shot or include the suspect. We will not be doing that here.)

You can click on the links within the descriptions for more information on each incident. An asterisk* indicates an incident in which the suspect died.

Feb. 15: Aurora, Illinois - 6 Dead*, 6 Injured

Five victims were killed when a Henry Pratt employee who was losing his job opened fire on his coworkers. The suspect was killed after taking five lives, including that of a college intern who was spending his first day on the job.

Feb. 16: Clinton, Mississippi - 5 Dead*

Four hostages were killed after a 12-hour standoff. Police initially responded to the residence after a domestic dispute. The suspect was taken into custody, but later died from injuries sustained in a confrontation with police.

Feb. 17: New Orleans, Louisiana - 1 Dead*, 5 Injured

Gunfire erupted near the French Quarter after police tried to question an armed robbery suspect. The shootout near the popular tourist area left the suspect dead, four people in stable condition, and one person in critical condition, as of Monday.

Feb. 17: Henderson, Texas - 2 Dead, 2 Injured

A man is accused of shooting four people at an apartment complex in Texas. Two of the people were killed. Three young children were also at the apartment at the time of the shooting. They are safe and with family. The motive for the shooting is still unknown, but the suspect fled to Louisiana. Randy Buford Winn was arrested in Bienville Parish on Sunday.

Feb. 17: Evansville, Indiana - 5 Injured

Shots were fired near the front entrance of a bar around 3 a.m. Sunday morning. Police say a single person fired shots toward a large group of people and vehicles. The suspect was arrested. As of Monday, a motive was not disclosed by police. Five people were shot, but they are all expected to survive.