Therapy dogs visit ULM students during final exams

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - It was a busy week for students at ULM as they went through the grind of studying for their final exams. PAWS of Northeast Louisiana sent some joy their way in the form of four-legged bundles of joy.

Dogs like Jake stopped by the ULM Library to support students during final exams. Source: (KNOE)

Therapy dogs were brought in all week so students could take a break from studying and get their minds off of their final exams.

The group of six dogs worked multiple shifts throughout the week. They helped students cope with stress and anxiety at the library.

The dogs and their trainers all volunteered to work multiple shifts for the sake of bringing smiles to the students.

“It is so awesome. I loved it because when you’re petting a dog they’re just so cute and fluffy. It really helps with the anxiety for sure,” said Emily Curry, a freshman student going through her first finals week.

Finals week for ULM students ends Friday. Commencement for graduating seniors for the fall is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 14.