The face of government changing in Sterlington, candidates head to run-off

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STERLINGTON, La. (KNOE) - Republicans Lucy Holtzclaw and Caesar Velasquez will face off in a mayoral run-off.

Incumbent Barry Bonner will keep his seat as police chief, and there's all but one new face on the board of aldermen.

This election comes amid a recent state audit that questions if the town can operate on its own.

The next mayor will have to work with the board of aldermen to address water woes and financial issues, which is something the candidates say they're up for the task.

"I'm a positive person as you know. It wasn't a loss. We're just going to go to a run-off in December. We can't go into office until January anyway. So we just have a little bit more to go," Lucy Holtzclaw said.

They said they're both happy about the voter turn out. They said a lot of younger voters were at the polls this election.

"A lot more hard work, that's all. Getting out there meeting a lot more citizens again talking to them making sure they understand what my qualifications are and my plans are to continue growing the city," Caesar Velasquez said.

The run-off will be Dec. 8th.

Incumbent Ron Hill
Benjamin Hobson
Zach Howse
Matt Talbert
Brain McCarthy