The city of Monroe joining forces with lawyers to fight against opioid crisis

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - The current opioid crisis is raising a red flag to Monroe. According to the Louisiana Department of Health, the number of opioid overdoses keeps rising.

"The opioid epidemic is tremendous throughout this country. And certainly, the state of Louisiana and Monroe are no exception," Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo said.

That's why the city is joining a class action lawsuit to fight it, and they're not doing it alone.

The city is jumping on board with the Neblett, Beard and Arsenault Law Firm plus local attorney Bobby Manning.

The team of lawyers said they're representing a handful of other cities to calm the opioid storm by suing major opioid manufacturers and distributors.

"The more plaintiff and lawyers you have the better you are. Because you can actually pull your resources together to fight these large pharmacies companies," Bobby Manning with A Pro Law Corporation.

It won't cost the city a dime to do it, and if this team wins the lawyers would cut Monroe a check.

The mayor said he has plans on how to spend it.

"I think that it would be good to see some rehabilitation centers here to address some of the issues that we have," Richard Arsenault said.

The lawyers said it's not just about money it's also about exposing how they think the epidemic got here.

"They have done things in terms of their conduct to try to convince the public and physicians to use a product which was only and still only to be used for very short term or end of life use," Arsenault said.

The lawyers plan to file suit in federal court in Monroe.