Tammy Simms: Golden Apple Award Winner, March 23, 2017

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EPPS, La. (KNOE) - Hi I'm at Epps Elementary in West Carroll parish and we're excited to be here. I have with me second grader Shyron Calloway. Shyron do you know who you've nominated for the Golden Apple Teacher of the Week award. Who is it? Tammy Simms. And why did you nominate her? Because whenever we're sad she cheers us up. What do you say we go surprise her? Do you know where her room is? You lead the way. Shyron has nominated you for the Hixson Ford Golden Apple Teacher of the week. I love you. His mother wrote a glowing letter about how you go the extra mile in the classroom for all of your kids, not just Shyron, so on behalf of Hixson Ford, Mulhearn Flowers and KNOE we want to say thank you and congratulations. How do you feel? I'm overwhhelmed. I'm overwhelmed. Thank you Shyron. How long have you been teaching? I've been teaching 11 years. So I teach second and third. This is a great age. You're obviously having a great impact and these children are going to remember you for a very long time. I hope they do cause I do love them. Thank you so much. Thank you!