Tennessee governor grants clemency to Cyntoia Brown

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(CBS NEWS) - Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam has granted clemency to Cyntoia Brown, a 30-year-old woman serving a life sentence for murder who said she was a victim of sex trafficking.

The Republican governor said he would show mercy to Brown by releasing her on August 7. She will remain on parole for 10 years.

In a statement, Brown said she will do everything to justify Haslam's faith in her and thanked her family for their support.

"I am thankful to my lawyers and their staffs, and all the others who, for the last decade have freely given of their time and expertise to help me get to this day," Brown said. "With God's help, I am committed to live the rest of my life helping others, especially young people. My hope is to help other young girls avoid ending up where I have been."

Kim Kardashian West, Rihanna and other celebrities rallied for Brown as she fought her life sentence for the 2004 murder of a man who had picked her up for sex. She was 16 years old at the time. Her lawyers said she was a sex-trafficking victim and feared for her life.