Teen adopts baby squirrel

OAK GROVE, LA Sixteen-year-old Hunter Molinar said seeing his pet dog, Trixi, nursing his pet squirrel is a new normal.

"I thought it was crazy, because i was like the squirrel should be running on a tree somewhere but instead it's nursing off of a dog," Monlinar said.

When he found the squirrel, he said it looked malnourished.
So, he brought it home and named it Pablo. Then, introduced it to Trixi, who was a new mom.

"After she got the taste of milk he just went along with it," Monlinar said.

Trixi here didn't mind. Her pup was out the house, but she still had her bonus child.

Molinar has been taking care of animals since he was a younger child.

"I'm one to think that we shouldn't let animals suffer if it was okay and with its mom i would have understood but being their by itself as a little baby and hasn't eaten i felt like we should have done something about it," Monlinar said.

Local veterinarians said they don't encourage you to take home wild animals. It can be dangerous. And, they technically belong to the state.

"We think it's the right thing to do we're just waiting to see if its fully matured. When it's matured we'll know when it's the right time," Monlinar said.

A month later, Pablo is running around, eating well and biting.

"He likes to explore but he's doing good now he likes to run up the little tree we got him," Monlinar said.

He said when the time comes, it will be like losing a best friend.