Tax experts weigh in on state's refund mishap

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Marisa Wilson works as a tax preparer at Affiliated Tax Service in Monroe. In her eight years of experience, there's something she's never come across on her computer until this week.

"I saw where the state sent refunds that I printed the previous morning. And, I knew that wasn't right. It was the exact amount that I printed the previous morning," Wilson said.

Apparently, thousands of others in the state noticed the same thing.

"We called our bank, and they said, 'Yeah there was a mistake that somehow it was a glitch,'" Wilson said.

Louisiana state officials said they noticed that same glitch Wednesday when $26 million was sent to more than 66,000 people.

Wilson said if you got a paper check in the mail, you might want to hold on to it, because the state will be asking for it back when you file next year. And if your money came through direct deposit, chances are your bank already gave it back for you.

Several folks took to KNOE's Facebook page saying they only got a few bucks back, but one said he got $1,800.

"Some people don't even know when the state check is deposited and go and spend it and not even be aware that it was a duplicate or that the deposit was there," Wilson said.

But, if you know you got a few dollars too much, Wilson said don't spend it.

The Department of Revenue is expected to send out letters with instructions if the state is unable to get the refunds directly from your bank.