Tax Specialist Warn of Tax Scams

West Monroe, La (KNOE 8 News) - "watch out for suspicion."
"If it's new and you've never heard of it I wouldn't use it."

Courtesy KNOE

That's what Justin Fowler and Allana Heenderson look for when trying to spot a tax scammer. But we spoke with a local tax expert at Delta Tax Specialist who says sometimes scammers are tricky.

"Run from a tax preparer who's charging you a percentage of your refund."

She says tax preparers who don't explain the information they're sending the Internal Revenue Service should be a red flag.

"You can put numbers into a box but if you don't know the laws it can mess you up."

Which is why Heenderson took matters into her own hands, she files taxes by herself.

"Just follow directions and just do what it says to do and you won't make any mistakes."

But some people who file by themselves still fall victim to tax scams.

"Scammers will call you and say you owe the IRS money. That is a scam. the IRS won't call you, instead they'll mail you a letter."

Which is why Justin Fowler says just paying a trusted tax preparer will save you a lot of stress.

"That's why I go to them because I know they're a big company, and I don't need to worry about people taking your money because there's a lot of fraud out there."

For more information on how to safely file your taxes, you can visit the Internal Revenues Service website.