Talking Food with Cory Bahr: Pork Chops

Published: Oct. 10, 2019 at 1:26 PM CDT
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The following is a transcript of Cory's video.

I'm Chef Corey Bahr, and today we're talking pork chops.

So our pork loin is essentially a pork chop without the bone. And for me, I think it's one of the most economical and delicious ways to cook at home. It's relatively inexpensive. And if you do it right, it's super full of flavor, really easy to coat. So we've got some hot oil in our skillet. Gonna place those down.

Trying to develop some flavor, get them nice and brown. So this dish is a dish that's like one of those things, it's a one-hit wonder. You got one skillet, you cook for four people, you know, it's something that any mom or dad can put together in no time for a great weeknight meal. You know, with having brown sugar and apples and all that and the kids are gonna love it. So that's what you're looking for right there, that beautiful brown crust, that's going to equal a ton of flavor. Just going to sear 'em on the other side. So it really takes about three minutes on each side. Get it nice and brown. We're gonna take these out and into our same skillet here. We're gonna had our red apples.

Gonna pop these in our oven.

About 375 degree oven gonna be in there for about eight to 10 minutes. It gives us plenty of time to make our sauce. So now that we got our apples lightly salted

and add a little bit of brown sugar.

Some bourbon, you can omit the bourbon if it's a weeknight meal for the kids, but if it's the weekend and it's for the parents, go for it. A little bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, some salt, some pepper, some butter.

We're just gonna turn this down on low and let it simmer for about eight to 10 minutes. This is a 30-year-old sherry vinegar. We're just gonna have a couple of drops. It's gonna add a nice acidity to the dish. You're gonna check out our pork chops. workshops are just right sauces perfect so we're going to go play them up. Let's pop on the plate. This goes great. I mean it's fall so you know this goes great to the sweet potato puree or even roasted pumpkin. Apples on there.

There you have it. Pan-roasted pork chops, bourbon, brown sugar and apples. Hey, if you want to cook this recipe for yourself, go to and click on Talking Food.