Talking Food with Cory Bahr: Chicken Alfredo

Published: Feb. 27, 2020 at 3:46 PM CST
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The following is a transcript of Cory's instructions.

I'm Chef Cory Bahr and today we're talking chicken alfredo.

This is one of those iconic dishes that everybody thinks is Italian. But this is really more of an Italian- American dish. This is chicken alfredo. And it's nothing more simple. You've literally got chicken thighs, garlic, parmesan, you gotta get good parmesan, some shallots, and some cream. That's all we are. So in our pot here, literally pot we've already cooked our pasta, put it to the side, wiped it out, thrown some olive oil in there. We're going to go ahead and sear our chicken. What we're using, it's economical and delicious. It's boneless, skinless chicken thigh tons of flavor doesn't dry out easily. Very forgiving to cook with. Just right into that hot skillet. Let that sear for a little bit. Add some shallots.

We're going to add about a tablespoon of chopped garlic which is about three cloves. Make sure you buy the fresh stuff. Pinch of black pepper, fresh ground couple of pinches of kosher salt.

There we go, stir that around nicely. As we get this hotter, this is where we decide kids or no kids. So if it's just you and your wife or you and your husband or you and whoever, and you just having a nice little date night, you want to make some chicken alfredo. Hey, add a little splash of white wine, nice acidity, and everything. If not, splash a fresh lemon juice will work just the same. That's what I'm going to do right here. Just a splash of white wine, Tnuva butter, and some heavy cream. So we're gonna bring this up to a boil when it boils and slightly thickens we're going to add our pasta and our parmesan cheese. All right, there we are. We're up to a nice boil.

Simmering away. So this is the time we're going to fold in parmesan cheese. We like that parm. Lots of parm here. Turn it off the heat. You don't want to scorch that cheese.

Lots and lots of parm. Get the good stuff. Don't cheap out when it comes to the cheese because it provides tons of flavor. You know, and you don't want all those additives going in your body, we got to care about what we're putting in our body.

Add our pasta that we already cooked in this pot just a little while ago. We're going to heat that up one more time just to get a good coded and then we're ready to serve. Alright so, comes right out of the pot. Right onto the big serving plate. Just like we're gonna serve it at home for our family.

More Parmesan, lots of parm, you know, we love that. Everybody loves cheese, some fresh chives. Kids don't like green things? Leave the chives off it's whatever they like. That's what it's about. Hey, if you want to cook this recipe for yourself, go to and click on Talking Food.