Taco Bell wants you to put its chicken tacos in a blender and serve as bisque this Thanksgiving

Taco Bell wants you to take its tacos, stick 'em in a blender, and serve them as bisque this Thanksgiving. (Source: Taco Bell via CNN)
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(Gray News) - Taco about a unique Thanksgiving side.

Taco Bell published a recipe for chicken taco bisque on its blog, and it promises this recipe will “be the star of your Friendsgiving.”

The recipe starts normal enough by sauteing onions and garlic in a cast iron stockpot, and then adding spices, broth and tomatoes. That’s where it stops feeling so conventional.

Then the recipe asks you to put six rolled chicken tacos, cut into pieces, into the pot.

You blend it all up with some heavy cream.

It’s suggested to serve the soup with a side of more rolled chicken tacos, for dipping.

If you do end up making the soup, the fast food chain suggests you use #RolledChickenTacosBisque on social media.

You can view the entire recipe here.

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